End of week 3/14 – Approval and improvement plus woodcut process

First approved illustrations by Hans-Martin Rall… These five illustrations were good to go for woodcut printing. I was so excited to move up to phase 2.

However, these were not so successful and needed  correction. Comments given were because they looked very similar, no variation and I could push the pose of the character more so they can interpret the story clearer.

Last week, improvement was not as successful as the original.

My correction for approved number 1 and 2.

Phase 2: Woodcut

Technic 1: These were drawn using tracing paper, pencil. After that, they were inversely inked on wood board with maker to ready for carving.

Technic 2: Using press machine and the magic medical oil to imprint the photocopied onto the wood board.


End of week 2/14 – Cricket story’s illustrations

Illustrations continue… This time I was roughing, planing and rendering on the same page, so they were created as my first and final look for the page.  The results were much better as compared to the previous batch.

Materials: animation drawing paper, copic makers, ink, correction fluid

End of week 1/14

So that was the first week of my second semester. One week passed so fast and I did speed  up for the book to keep track with the schedule. Here are characters sheets and visual concepts for the picture book.

These were done with animation paper and some pencils.

I used a oriental decoration around the borders and tried other versions to create more interesting frames inspired by Mucha/ Art Nouvea.

Although there were some mistakes and inconsistency in the illustrations, I would fix it and try to finish the rest of the pages by next week.

Progress p.2

Progress continued…

3. Character Design: Reynard the Fox, Goethe. Few drawings for foxes.

4. Concept art for animation Cat and girl (Personal project). This is a continued project from my graphic storytelling project.

I did the character designs for my own story, basically I was thinking just animated series of a cat and a girl in the style of UPI/ cartoon network. Hopefully, I can make a short motion graphic out of these drawings.

2018 Happy New Year and Progress p.1

Hey folks,

First and foremost… Happy New Year 2018!

Yeah it’s great to begin a new year with new stuffs. Before I begin with the new chapter, here’s a few wrap ups of my projects last semester.

  1. Progress for children book: I designed characters with simple shapes and created compositions for book illustration. The whole process needed lots of drawings and patience. It is critical for a character to stand out in a composition and the background needs to support and enhance the character and vice versa. Here are some of my awful drawings 🙂

2. Art for Steadfast Tin Soldier (H.C.Andersen) in the style of modern painter/ artist Kandinsky: Character design. The process shows the evolution from a conventional style to a more stylistic. This style fits the theme of modern art.

What to do when you need to replicate a master’s work? Copy it!

Compositions. It was frustrating when putting characters in the style of a painting. Here are some examples.