Process of making woodcut print

Woodcut board.

This is the process of a woodcut type 1 (using rulo). This design comprises three main colors: white, light hydrangea and black. After I redrew the design onto the wooden board, I started carving out the white area of the bird and the waves. Then, I would rolled a layer of ink on the carved board’s surface and put it upside down, below it laid a sheet of paper. Next, it was rolled out by a rulo pressing the fresh ink spread onto the paper.


First layer is then left to dry.

Second layer was undergone the same process and the first layer was carved out to achieve the final look.

Final color is applied after the first layer is dry.
Finishing stage: framing.

Although the paint came out does not even on the traditional paper, due to the natural texture of the paper, it still looked great when I put it in a nice frame.



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